Making a valuable volunteering contribution to CNPS’s programs doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge or a vast amount of time. We have many opportunities that you might find interesting and rewarding. Here are some ideas that might suit your strengths:

Friendly? We are looking for someone to greet people at the membership meeting, offer (free) tickets for the monthly plant drawing, encourage sign-ins, and follow up with an invitation for non-members to join. This is a good job for someone who enjoys the membership meetings, or needs a good reason to be sure to attend. The extra time for prep and follow-up is about 2 hours per month.

Organized? Native Here Nursery is looking for someone to help with scheduling and substitutions for the watering and potting crew. This might take a couple of hours per month. It’s more fun if you spend some time at the nursery, as you get to know the needs and the people better, but this is not a requirement.

Nurturing? Native Here Nursery needs lots of people for watering plants. The best time is also the most beautiful time in the nursery: early morning. This job needs someone who can commit to a regular hour or two per week, although we are organizing vacation substitutes, too. Think about whether you could come in before work or during a long lunch and enjoy the solitude, or come in when the nursery is open.

Sociable? Native Here Nursery is always looking for “potters”—people who take tiny seedlings and move them into larger pots, and larger seedlings into gallon containers. The big days for potting are sociable, friendly days, when you can learn more about the plants from experts. This can be a drop-in or regular weekly commitment.

Meditative? Many of the jobs at Native Here Nursery can be done more or less alone, as you please. Many people enjoy the quiet of the nursery even during open hours. Many jobs are calming and meditative, such as weeding, grooming plants, and—did we mention watering?

To find out more about these opportunities, contact Barbara Leitner at or Amy Leonard, Nursery Manager at

Barbara Leitner