Theo Fitanides, manager of the Native Here Nursery, has decided to move on to a new job. We will miss him. See below for information on applying for the manager’s job. The editors.

Dear East Bay CNPS,

I am both happy and regretful to announce that I will resign as Manager of Native Here Nursery effective June 24th. I will miss talking with customers, working alongside volunteers, and growing our local flora. I am confident in the future of our Chapter nursery, both for its fundraising capacity and its ability to connect with and educate community members and plant advocates. Charli Danielsen began something truly remarkable and unique back in the early nineties, when she began to realize her vision of a native plant nursery growing local plants for local places. While I have made some efficiency changes to the operation of the nursery, the core principles remain the same and I trust that our Chapter will continue to refine, and grow, its vision for Native Here.

I believe that during my time with CNPS we have set the nursery on a good path, and I am glad to be turning over leadership to whoever will be next. I have already begun working with a committee of Board Members and other dedicated volunteers to ensure that this transition is as smooth as possible, creating a more robust structure in its wake.

I will be moving back toward field botany, working with AECOM on various projects, not the least of which will be keying plants from field surveys. I plan on staying involved with CNPS, and will remain on the steering committee for the California Native Nursery Network. I hope to see some of you on weekend stewardship projects, and if the new manager can strong-arm me I might just take on a watering assignment at the nursery.

Thank you to all the volunteers, Board Members, CNPS State office staff, and customers who have supported me and the nursery during my 20 months here. I am especially thankful for the wisdom and counsel of John and Charli Danielsen, and the training from Margot Cunningham.

Best wishes,
Theo Fitanides