Help track—and slow—the fungus-like water mold that is killing our beautiful coast live oaks. Two one-hour training sessions will be held:

Saturday, April 9  at 10:00 am in the Garden Room, Orinda Public Library. Contact Beth Girshman,, , 925 254 2184 X 15 for information.

Saturday, April 9 at 1:30 pm in room 150, 2060 Valley Life Sciences Building, UC Berkeley Campus. Info at

After the training or on Sunday, April 10 you’ll take an easy walk or vigorous hike to look for suspect trees—or map in your own back yard! We’ll suggest sites if you want. Return samples to the Berkeley campus by Monday morning. Results will be public by fall. Sign up at (especially if you want guidance on sites). More information on Sudden Oak Death, locations and dates of other surveys around the Bay, and results of past surveys can be found at  

Susan Schwartz, President
Friends of Five Creeks