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Members meeting      Two leading botanists, Heath Bartosh and Chris Thayer, give a presentation on the imperiled Oakley Sand Dunes ecosystem, a rare local botanical treasure.

East Bay Chapter logo wear  Fun apparel for lovers of our local native flora.

Solano Stroll   Volunteer to help out at an enjoyable annual festival.

Myrtle Wolf Scholarships     Scholarships honoring the late Myrtle Wolf, teacher, conservation activist and long time member of the East Bay Chapter of CNPS.  Read about how to apply.

2014 East Bay Chapter Plant Fair, October 4 and 5      No native plant lover would want to miss the East Bay Chapter Plant Fair.  Mark you calendar and remind your friends.

Regional Parks Botanic Garden Plant Sale     On October 4 there will be a Native Plant Sale at the Regional Parks Botanic Garden.   The two native plant events are conveniently close to each other.

Potluck Picnic, Sunday, October 12      Delicious food and drink along with fun games and activities for all ages.  Sponsored by East Bay CNPS and the SF Bay Chapter of the Wildlife Society.

Field trip    A hike in Briones Regional Park on Sunday, September 7.

Restoration Projects    Join the volunteers who battle landscape weeds that threaten the local native species and plant communities.

Point Isabel Restoration Report    A lively and informative account of of the August 2 work session of the team restoring Point Isabel in Richmond.

Native Here Nursery News    Activities of veteran and newbie volunteers and summer interns at the East Bay Chapter’s  nursery.

Conservation Analyst Appeal  The tenth annual fund drive to support the East Bay Chapter’s Conservation Analyst has begun. The article details the achievements of Conservation Analyst Mack Casterman over the last year.

Conservation Analyst’s Report   Our Conservation Analyst discusses the East Bay Chapter’s comments on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan and also the Chapter’s role in responding to the State Off Highway Off Highway Motor Vehicle Division’s proposal to open the 3400 acre Tesla Park Parcel to off road vehicle recreation.

Freshwater seep in Knowland Park     A wetland in Knowland Park has been determined to be a freshwater seep, a sensitive and probably rare natural community.   It may be protected by the Army Corps of Engineers.  CNPS and Friends of Knowland Park have begun the process of cleaning and restoring the seep and hope to come up with a restoration plan.

The East Bay Chapter submitted a legal letter to the regulatory agencies arguing that the Oakland Zoo’s plan to mitigate the impacts of the expansion of the zoo on the Alameda Whipsnake violates the Endangered Species Act and the Deed of Transfer of the Park.

Livermore tarplant petition   CNPS East Bay Chapter Rare Plant Chair Heath Bartosh secured the endorsement for his Livermore tarplant (Deinandra bacigalupi) petition from the California Native Plant Society (CNPS).  Since this article was written the petition has been accepted for review by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Sudden Oak Death field treatment workshop and SOD blitz results meeting    Attend a 2-hour field treatment session offered by Dr. Matteo Garbelotto, UCCE Specialist in Forest Pathology and Mycology, UC Berkeley. Dr. Garbelotto will present and demonstrate the latest methods aimed at the prevention and spread of the SOD pathogen.

East Bay Express article on the struggle to save the natural treasures of Knowland Park from the ill-advised construction plans of the Oakland Zoo.

Tour of San Jose site for the January 13-17 Conservation Conference

Directory of Chapter leaders