Sheet mulching—what you can do

Sheet mulching is a great way to get rid of lawn and prepare the way for more eco-friendly landscaping. Both EBMUD and Contra Costa Water District offer incentives to homeowners in a quick, easy process. Replacing the low-value habitat of lawn with the rich habitat of locally native species is an idea CNPS can readily support.

EBCNPS is getting involved, and you can help.

Thinking of getting rid of all or part of your lawn? We will explain how you can apply for the incentive, obtain needed materials, and will sheet mulch your soon-to-be-gone lawn. The incentive will offset most of the cost. You will also receive a gift coupon for Native Here Nursery, and resources for selecting suitable plant materials and designs.

Want to help raise needed funds for Chapter activities? Donate a Saturday morning to the cause! You will generate $100-200 for the chapter, get some fresh air, and spend time with some pleasant folks.

For more information, contact Barbara Leitner at .

Barbara Leitner and Lesley Hunt