Saturday’s Point Isabel work party was hot. Hot, in the sense that the temperature hovered near a record high. Even so 15 hard working volunteers came out to finish clearing the newest site and to help us eliminate a newly detected infestation of Russian thistle (Salsola soda) and significant numbers of Algerian sea lavender plants outside of our project area along a spit in the Hoffman Marsh. Even the presence of two turkey vultures (Cathartes aura) watching our ever diminishing movements, could not deter this motivated group. (The October-December 2014 edition of the always excellent Bay Nature magazine that was waiting for us when we returned home after this work party features a great article on turkey vultures written by Joe Eaton.)

In addition to our core team members we were joined at this work party by Clyde (who has volunteered for different restoration groups for many years), and by Milton (whose enthusiasm and energy has inspired us at previous work parties) as well as by members of the Berkeley Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology, who first worked with us at the May 3rd work party. The exciting news is that we have now further expanded our stewardship program for Point Isabel as both Nina and the Society for Conservation Biology (via Nathan Van Schmidt) have assumed stewardship roles of two sites. Our stewards are: Sue, Oliver, Rob, Tyson, Margot, Nina, and Nathan + colleagues. We would welcome additions to this fantastic group.

Kudos to the East Bay Regional Park District and especially to Bruce Adams for providing us once again with all the tools and encouragement we needed to complete this work.

Jane and Tom Kelly

Weed warriors on break. Photo by Jane Kelly.


Praying mantis. Photo by Jane Kelly.

Salsoda pull. Photo by Jane Kelly.