Point Isabel Restoration in July and August 2015

We are pleased to report on our two successful work parties held in July and August. Stewards, regulars, and other volunteers turned up on July 4 (even without the promise of fireworks and a barbeque!) and we were happy to welcome a new class of CorePower Yoga teachers-in-training to our August 1 work party.

The restoration appears to be at rest right now. Second and third generation weeds have appeared but in very small numbers. The plants are healthy and the marsh is being visited by a variety of birds. With lots of berries forming on the toyon, we’ll soon see flocks of Robins and Cedar Waxwings stopping by for a snack. It’s a good time to visit Pt. Isabel.

With the very fit and enthusiastic CorePower Yoga group, we set out along the spit of land at the south of the main site and tackled swaths of Algerian sea lavender (Limonium ramosissimum) and some remaining Russian thistle (Salsola soda) that were crowding out the native sea lavender (Limonium californicum) and the coastal gumweed (Grindelia stricta). Our CorePower Yoga friends were amazing. When we got to the spit with CorePower, we looked down at a huge number of invasive weeds, stepped away briefly, and then turned around to see no weeds in sight. If that’s what yoga does for you then sign us up!

The District was busy with Independence Day activities on July 4th so instead of wheelbarrows, we commandeered several abandoned shopping carts on the road and used them to move weeds up the trail to our new green waste pile. When we finished, we placed a call to the respective grocery outlets and encouraged them to pick up the growing number of carts.

The big news is that our narrow leaf milkweed (Asclepias fascicularis) is starting to bloom and is attracting Monarch butterflies. We hope to plant many more milkweed plants this fall in order to help provide more support for Monarchs, who are suffering from exposure to pesticides and loss of habitat.

Many thanks to everyone who attended the July and August work parties. And a special thanks to Bruce, the EBRPD ranger who provides us with tools, mulch, and encouragement.

Jane and Tom Kelly


Bagging invasive sea lavender Photo by Jane Kelly
Bagging invasive sea lavender Photo by Jane Kelly


Egrets  Photo by Jane Kelly
Egrets Photo by Jane Kelly





July work crew  Photo by Jane Kelly
July work crew Photo by Jane Kelly