Another successful Plant Fair

Thank you to the Board, Volunteer Coordinator Steve Toby, and the scores of amazing volunteers who contributed their time and energy to make the 2014 Plant Fair an enjoyable fundraiser and outreach event. Our sales gross held up well to competition from the Regional Parks Botanic Garden’s new fall sale. This year we also had the largest ever Sunday turnout, with a steady flow of customers enjoying the gentle Americana music drifting up from the amphitheater, and children happily making artwork and masks across from the professional art vendors.

A survey of 204 shoppers over the weekend gave us some great information. Over half of those in attendance were at Native Here for their very first time. Customers heard about the event from a large variety of sources, indicating that our publicity campaign is spread over a wide range of media. Customers were impressed with our variety of plants for all growing conditions found within our two counties.

We continue to have a large variety of excellent plants, so come on up the hill and see us as the nights turn cool but the days stay warm. Looking forward, we will start-up another round of classes and workshops this spring, followed by another season of Sense of Place talks in the summer after the Wayne Roderick lectures end. We will also be having our first ever Spring Sale sometime around late February. Details are forthcoming, but will include special benefits for CNPS members. I welcome additional ideas.

Theo Fitanides
Native Here Nursery