On Sunday, Oct. 23, 11 am – 4 pm, at the Padre Picnic Area on S. Park Drive in Tilden Park, we’ll be holding the third annual joint picnic for the SF Bay Chapter of The Wildlife Society and EBCNPS. TWS likes to call it the Gourmet Greens and Beasts Feast. This year, the cost of the Padre Picnic Area rental is being waived by EBRPD, thanks to efforts by enthusiastic picnic participant Doug Bell, who’s a wildlife biologist at EBRPD. So the costs will just be for beverages, plates, utensils, etc., and we hope to cover them with the small admission donation ($5 adults, $3 students and children).

Even if I weren’t an organizer, I would have to say this is one of the most fun and friendly picnics I have attended—ever! The games are spectacularly creative, the laughs are many, the people are wonderfully friendly, and the food (including native plant and animal food from those who want to bring it) is outstanding. Last year, we had many delicious native plant foods and a very tasty gourmet preparation of duck that was hunted by Doug Bell’s pet peregrine falcon (I’m not joking!).

I encourage you to save the date and come to the picnic (you don’t have to bring fancy food). We want to build up the attendance, and everyone who comes has a fantastic time. It’s more fun that a barrel full of monkeyflowers—or monkeyface eels (http://baynature.org/article/lombards-darling-monkeyface/)!

Sue Rosenthal