Members’ Meeting   Linda Vorobik, a distinguished botanist and botanical illustrator, will present a photographic travelogue on “Plants and Habitats of the Sisiyou Mountains of Southwestern Oregon and Northwestern California”.

2014 Native Plant Fair A report from Native Here Nursery manager Theo Fitanides on a successful Plant Fair.

Restoration   In November there will be many opportunities to join fellow native plant lovers in the battle against invasive species, which are the biggest threat to our native flora.

Saving Knowland Park   A report on the battle to save native habitat in Knowland Park in the city of Oakland from an ill-advised building project. According to a poll 75% of likely Oakland voters oppose the project. Among the topics discussed are the response by the City and the upcoming City Council vote. Read what you can do to participate in saving an unusual and valuable natural resource right in our own backyard.

Conservation Analyst’s Report   News on the effort to keep Tesla Park from being sacrificed to off-highway motor vehicles. There has been a small but significant victory in the fight to save Knowland Park’s native plant resources. Read how you can work with the East Bay Chapter Conservation Analyst on conservation projects.

Field Trip  “Join chapter members at the South Park Drive closure gate nearest to the Regional Parks Botanic Garden (RPBG). We will either hike up Big Springs trail (dry ground scenario) or scope out trees, newts and early mosses on South Park Drive (muddy ground).”

Point Isabel Restoration   The article and photos may lead you to join the merry weed warriors in their monthly work sessions at Point Isabel in Richmond.

Conservation Analyst Fund Thanks the listed donors to the Fund that enables the Chapter to have the services of Mack Casterman, our capable and hardworking Conservation Analyst.

Directory of Chapter leaders   Contact information.