For many years the October Plant Fair has been our largest annual chapter event, an occasion when we gathered to see old friends and celebrate native plants.  It was a lot of fun, but it also required a lot of effort to put it on and it had significant overhead expenses.  We would like to free up and redirect these resources to make nursery operations more sustainable. This year’s Valentine’s Day sale showed us that well-timed, low-key events are easier and just as successful.

Starting this fall, the nursery will be open an extra day – one Sunday a month – through the prime planting season. On those Sundays, we will hold a special event – early opening for members, release of manzanitas or other high-demand plants, educational talks, advice from landscape designers, etc. 

We will still need lots of help to make this happen. You will have plenty of jobs to choose from:  greeters, advisers, people to direct traffic, and cashiers.  Stay tuned for details in the next Bay Leaf.  If you have helped before, we will be in touch to find out what works for you. Meanwhile, if you can help (training provided), please let Steve Toby know at

Lesley Hunt
Nursery Committee