Native Here’s new manager, Selena Rowan (pictured below) has been learning “on the fly” as volunteers and staff have been preparing the nursery for the Plant Fair.

The interpretive signs have been refreshed, and a more readable set of location labels has been created.

Selena was able to get the nursery connected to the Internet in October. This will make maintaining the list of plants available, tracking staff hours, ordering supplies, etc. much more efficient and convenient as she will be able to work online while on the nursery premises. Twenty hours each week is not a lot of time to manage a complex operation such as Native Here Nursery, so time management is crucial. So is coordinating the volunteers who take on many of the tasks both in growing the plants and maintaining the nursery.

Photos of some of the “players” follow this article, courtesy of John Danielsen.

More volunteers are always welcome. Come up when the nursery is open (Tuesdays noon-three, Fridays nine-noon, and Saturdays 10-2) to discuss with Selena which tasks you would like to take on and what timing works best for you.

Charli Danielsen, Founder, Native Here Nursery

Selena Rowan
Selena Rowan