Help wanted: Native Here Nursery seeks volunteers who love native plants and spending time reconnecting with nature to join our watering team.

Joining the watering team at Native Here Nursery saves lives — plant lives! As the weather heats up, our plants get more thirsty and need more regular water. Our plants rely on volunteers to water them each week — our little nursery in Tilden Park is dedicated to growing native California plants for restoration projects and gardeners who value pollinator, wildlife and ecological diversity, and we don’t have an irrigation system to automatically water our plants.

That’s where you come in: watering volunteers take responsibility for watering a specific section of the nursery on a regular basis. Most sections take between an hour and a hour and a half to water thoroughly, though we can accommodate volunteers who have more or less time than that.

Watering regularly at Native Here Nursery is a very peaceful, calming experience. It’s a special place that offers volunteers and visitors the chance to slow down and reconnect with nature. The nursery is tucked away in the Bay Hills within Tilden Park, and we are surrounded by the park and all of the wonderful wildlife that lives in it. The loudest noises you’ll regularly hear are the sounds of birds singing and the rustling of the wind through the leaves of the huge oaks and maples that surround the nursery.
Many of our regular watering volunteers use their time at the nursery to relax and recharge while connecting with nature and getting to know local California plants.

Watering at Native Here is also a great way to get more familiar with how native California plants grow and how to care for them in a garden setting. Interested watering volunteers can also sign up to learn more about the unique requirements of California native plants, how to start plants from seed, botanical terminology, plant health, and more.

Watering hours are flexible — after a short orientation, watering volunteers can set their own schedule. We’re particularly looking for volunteers regularly available on mornings and weekends for about an hour to an hour and a half.

No previous experience required — just a willingness to learn and to get a little damp.

Contact, visit or call (510) 549-0211 to sign up or to learn more.

Amy McCosh Leonard
Manager, Native Here Nursery