Rain has stimulated germination and growth of plants in the nursery, and also customer enthusiasm for planting.

The Valentine’s weekend crowd was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and generous.  Customer activity continues as the end of February nears.

I am so pleased to be working with the new manager, Amy Leonard, (see article by Barbara Leitner in this issue) giving me time to concentrate on growing and displaying plants. Each time I walk through the nursery there is something new happening, either a different species of display plant coming into bloom or another perennial showing new shoots, or shrub leaf buds bursting.  End of winter is a study in contrasts:  some of the sedges look beige and scruffy, just the way the birds and little critters like them for shelter, while mule’s ears (Wyethia), hound’s tongue (Cynoglossum), and yerba mansa (Anemopsis) are poking little shoots out of the soil.  I am looking forward to seeing the buttercups (Ranunculus) bloom in March.  Will the Iris bloom in their pots or wait another year?  How much growth will the little manzanita cuttings achieve before summer?

Come to the nursery and observe.  I hope you will be as excited as I am about what the plants are doing.

Volunteers are always welcome to join in activities such as watering, weeding, potting up plants, cleaning nursery containers and moving stock to and from the “sales floor”. It is best to come during regular nursery hours: Tuesdays noon to three, Fridays nine to noon, and Saturdays ten to two for orientation and training. Watering assignments can be flexible to accommodate volunteers’ schedules.

The nursery is in Tilden Park, across from the Golf Course at 101 Golf Course Drive (between Shasta Road and Grizzly Peak Boulevard). nativehere@ebcnps.org, 510-549-0211

Charli Danielsen, Production Manager