Happy New Year from Native Here Nursery!

We are celebrating the abundance of rain we experienced in December and are enjoying watching as our golden hills transform into emerald hills and the grasses awaken from their summer dormancy. May the rains nourish all the young plants that the members of our Native Here community have been transplanting into their gardens and restoration sites, as well as all the plants and animals that have been suffering from California’s extended drought.

Our earliest annuals are now available for sale at the nursery, including beautiful clarkias (Clarkia spp.), Chinese houses (Collinsia heterophylla), and goldfields (Lasthenia californica). Plant them now for radiant blooms this spring! Also, with the arrival of the rains most of our spring blooming perennials including California buttercup (Ranunculus californicus), larkspur (Delphinium californicum), and yampah (Perideridia californica), have emerged from dormancy and are ready to be added to your native plant gardens.

Finally, I regret to announce that due to personal reasons I will be resigning from my position as nursery manager and returning to the Pacific Northwest to be with family. My time at Native Here has been rewarding, and it has been an honor to serve in this position. Thank you all for your kindness and for sharing your love of plants with me and with Native Here Nursery. I’d like to especially extend my gratitude to Charli and John Danielsen, Barbara Leitner, and the rest of our team of volunteers for their incredible guidance and for all they do for the nursery. I am going to miss everyone in this beautiful community.

Valentine’s Weekend Special Sale

Saturday and Sunday, February 13th and 14th, 2016: 10 am – 2 pm.
Early entry at 9 am on Saturday will be available for CNPS members.
Member sign-up will be available at the door.

Join us for our late winter sale at Native Here Nursery. Early February is one of the best times to get almost anything planted before the rains end. CNPS members will be allowed special early entry at 9 am on Saturday, which will be a great opportunity to get first pick of our new crop of manzanitas, milkweed, early annuals, iris, and more.

Local plant experts will be on hand to answer your questions about the best plants to choose for your garden. Whether you’re a veteran native plant gardener or you are brand new to gardening, you’ll be sure to find something beautiful at Native Here Nursery to brighten up your yard and invite the wild back into your life.

Selena Rowan, Native Here Nursery manager

Selena Rowan. Photo by Selena Rowan.
Selena Rowan. Photo by Selena Rowan.