A Mission Blue Butterfly on a lupin. Photo by Patrick Kobemus of the USFWS
A Mission Blue Butterfly on a lupin. Photo by Patrick Kobemus of the USFWS

Wednesday, May 25, 7:30 pm
The Edge of the Wild (film screening)
Speaker: Gail Mallimson
Location: Garden Room, Orinda Public Library (directions below)

San Bruno Mountain is an island of biodiversity surrounded by a rising sea of development. Eminent biologist E.O. Wilson identified it as one of 18 global biodiversity hotspots under threat and deserving immediate attention. Local citizens have long recognized San Bruno Mountain’s importance, and for over 30 years have fought luxury housing and office park developments to preserve the mountain’s habitat and native host plants for the endangered mission blue, callippe silverspot, and San Bruno elfin butterflies. This epic battle between private property rights and species survival resulted in a major shift in national environmental policy—one that allows private landowners to kill endangered species under a 1982 amendment to the Endangered Species Act. But the protectors of San Bruno Mountain have not rested, and their efforts to conserve it continue.

The beautiful documentary film “The Edge of the Wild” tells the story of this struggle both past and present. At our May meeting, we’ll watch the 60-minute film and then learn from filmmaker Gail Mallimson about its creation and about the inspiring efforts to protect San Bruno Mountain and restore habitat for the native species it supports. Says Mallimson, “It’s not just about making change on a political level, but about making change in the hearts and minds of ordinary citizens, and reconstructing our role as stewards of wild lands.” The film trailer is available for viewing at https://youtu.be/l9AJezPBlt0.

East Bay CNPS membership meetings are free of charge and open to everyone. This month’s meeting takes place in the Garden Room of the Orinda Public Library at 24 Orinda Way (in Orinda Village). The Garden Room is on the second floor of the building, accessible by stairs or an elevator. The Garden Room opens at 7 pm; the meeting begins at 7:30 pm. Email programs@ebcnps.org or call 510-496-6016 if you have questions.

Directions to Orinda Public Library at 24 Orinda Way:

From the west, take Hwy 24 to the Orinda/Moraga exit. At the end of the off ramp, turn left on Camino Pablo (toward Orinda Village), right on Santa Maria Way (the signal after the BART station and freeway entrance), and left on Orinda Way.
From the east, take Hwy 24 to the Orinda exit. Follow the ramp to Orinda Village. Turn right on Santa Maria way (the first signal) and left on Orinda

Once on Orinda Way, go 1 short block to the parking lot on the southeast side of the two-story building on your right. There is additional free parking beneath the building as well as on the street.

From BART (4 blocks): Exit the Orinda station, turn right and cross a pedestrian bridge, then cross a second pedestrian bridge on the left. Go 1 short block on the sidewalk to the third pedestrian bridge. Go 2 blocks on Orinda Way to the Orinda Library.
Members’ meetings will be on summer recess from June through August. Watch the online Bay Leaf newsletter for an announcement of our September 28 meeting.