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This is our new HTML (web page) version of the Bay Leaf. There still is a printable PDF version available — click here to download the May issue in pdf  format. Comments are welcome: send them to webmaster@ebcnps.org. We hope people will find this web version easier and more convenient.
The Bay Leaf Editors

May 2014 Bay Leaf


Membership Meeting  Features a beautiful documentary film showing how the efforts of grassroots activists led to the creation of Point Reyes National Seashore and Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Saving Knowland Park  Saving natural treasures from an ill-advised expansion of the Oakland Zoo. What you can do to help.

Serpentine Prairie Walk   A restored serpentine prairie in Redwood Regional Park is a place for an easy hike to enjoy spring flowers.

Volunteer Profile: Janice Bray  A well-deserved tribute to a dedicated volunteer at Native Here Nursery.

Native Here Nursery  News about the favorite nursery of a lot of  people who love our local flora and fauna.

Restoration  Practice environmental stewardship in congenial company.

Field Trips  These fabulous Bay Area hikes are led by experts, but you don’t have to be an expert to participate.

Conservation Analyst Report  Our Chapter Conservation Analyst reports on the issues  in which he is involved on behalf of the members.

Point Isabel Restoration  Jane and Tom Kelly report on the activities of a crew dedicated to restoring Point Isabel in Richmond.  It’s a family-friendly undertaking, and children and pets are welcome.

Sudden Oak Death Bioblitz  How you can help to track Sudden Oak Death, the pathogen that is attacking our beautiful coast live oaks.

East Bay Chapter Directory  Contact information for Chapter officers, committee chairs, and associated volunteers.