Members’ meeting

Beautiful images by Ted Kipping, a distinguished photographer of California native plants and landscapes.

Native Here

Read about the new arrangement of the plants at Native Here Nursery that will “facilitate both appropriate growing conditions and an easier customer and seller experience”.

Knowland Park

Friends of Knowland Park has announced a drive to put on the ballot a referendum overturning the Oakland City Council’s approval of the Oakland Zoo’s plan to build on top of prime native plant and wild animal habitat in Knowland Park. Read how you can support the referendum and help save a natural treasure.

Conservation Analyst appeal

East Bay Chapter conservation analyst Mack Casterman is working hard on multiple conservation issues by providing public agencies the information they need in order to make informed decisions. Donations large and small are needed to pay Mack’s salary.

Conservation Analyst report

Mack Casterman reports on the 2015 CNPS Conservation Conference on January 15th, 16th and 17th. Join over 1000 conservation enthusiasts in San Jose. We are fortunate that this year the Conservation Conference, which is held every three years, is occurring close to our Chapter area.

Mack gives an update on the fight to save Tesla Park from being overrun by off-the-road motor vehicles.

Field trip

The January 4 field trip to Huddart Park has already occurred, but no doubt many East Bay Chapter members found out about it in time on the Chapter website, from the Chapter news email list or on

Point Isabel restoration

Adults, children and pets meet twice a month to restore Point Isabel in Richmond by weeding and planting locally native plants. The pictures will make you want to join the fun.

Restoration schedule

Enjoy outdoor exercise, congenial company, and the satisfaction of rescuing local native plants and their habitat from invasive exotics.

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