Members’ Meeting
Author and book designer Josie Iselin gives a presentation on the amazing plants that live in the intertidal zone along the California coast.

Election results for 2015 East Bay Chapter officers

Message from Barbara Leitner, our new Chapter president

Native Here
Native Here Nursery manager Theo Fitanides gives a must-read account of measures being taken to prevent the spread of Sudden Oak Death and other pathogens in the Phythophthera genus that threaten our native flora.

Field trips
David Margolies will lead a field trip on February 15 to MacDonald Fire Road in Chabot Regional Park. We will look for the rare shrub western leatherwood (Dirca occidentalis), which, along with other shrubs and trees, is in bloom.

On April 4 John Kipping will lead a tip to Brooks Island in San Francisco Bay. Find out how to make reservations.

Knowland Park update
Read the latest news about the fight to save valuable native habitat in Knowland Park in Oakland from ill-advised development.

Conservation analyst appeal
Read how you can contribute to keeping Chapter conservation analyst Mack Casterman on the front lines of native plant conservation in the East Bay.

Conservation analyst’s report
Mack reports on the effort to get the Federal Emergency Management Agency to adopt Eucalyptus management plans that favor the restoration of native habitat.

January 2015 CNPS Conservation Conference
Photos from the Conference.

Directory of Chapter leaders