There is a saying that nothing is certain but change. Mack Casterman has served capably as East Bay Chapter Conservation Analyst for nearly four years, so we should not be surprised that he has been recruited for a full-time position with a well-regarded environmental consulting firm in South Lake Tahoe. Our conservation analyst position was always conceived of as a launch pad for young professionals who would then apply our approach in the larger world. We will miss Mack’s thoughtfulness, clear expression, collaboration, hard work, and energy. We all thank Mack, warmly wish him the very best, and know that he will indeed carry on and continue to make us proud.

The Conservation Committee has plenty of work ahead, and will be moving forward as quickly as possible to conduct a search for a new Conservation Analyst. If you—or anyone you know—would like to have the unparalleled experience of working with some of the most dedicated plant conservationists around, take a look at the job announcement at Applications will be accepted immediately and the position will remain open until filled.

Barbara Leitner and Jean Robertson