EBCNPS Submits Letter in Response to FEMA East Bay Hills Fuels Management Plan

On January 21st the East Bay Chapter of the California Native Plant Society (EBCNPS) submitted a letter to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in response to the recently released Final Environmental Impact Statement for their East Bay Hills Fuels Management Plan. EBCNPS’s concerns are focused on changes made to the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Specifically, the Final EIS calls for modification of the projects proposed by Berkeley and Oakland that planned to remove Eucalyptus and restore native habitat. FEMA is now requiring that UC Berkeley and Oakland adopt a plan that is similar to that proposed by the East Bay Regional Park District, where Eucalyptus stands would be thinned and managed rather that removed. This raises an issue with the regulatory process, since both UC Berkeley and Oakland’s projects were determined by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to be self-mitigating due to the native habitat restoration that would have been achieved.
EBCNPS’s letter can be viewed on the EBCNPS conservation blog: https://ebcnps.wordpress.com/

The release of the Final EIS has raised more questions than it has answered. EBCNPS plans to continue following this issue as it develops.

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