The 2014 Conservation Analyst Fund is almost there! $6100 is needed to meet our goal.

We are thrilled that we are so close. Many thanks go to all of you who have contributed. It is very gratifying to the Board and the Conservation Committee to receive your support.

If you haven’t yet contributed, donations may be made using PayPal on the East Bay Chapter website or send a check to the Chapter’s address (PO Box 5597, Elmwood Station, Berkeley, CA 94705). Please write “Conservation Analyst Fund” in the memo. All contributions are tax deductible.

We would like to thank the following generous donors for their contributions to the 2014 Conservation Analyst Fund.

Delia Taylor

John Alcorn
Mary Alderson
Lisa Anich
Laura Baker and Lewis Lubin
James Barse
Heath Bartosh
Laura Beckett
Carol Bier
David Bigham and Howard Arendtson
Christine Boczanowski
Martha Booz
Barbara and Robert Brandriff
Carroll Brentano
Margaret Brostrom
Robert Case
Carol and John Casterman
Albert Chung
Jean Circiello
Patricia Coffey
Carol and Robert Coon
Nancy Crane
Elizabeth Crews
Margot Cunningham
Clytia Curley
Mary Frances Dahlquist
Charli and John Danielsen
Elizabeth Davidson
William Davis
Sally de Becker
Adrienne Debisschop
Gene DeMar
Mark Detterman
Thelma Dixon
Sue Duckles
Melissa Edwards
Gloria Elve
Chris Erickson
Marsha Feinland
Nada and Bruce Ferris
Annmarie Finneral
Alan Fishman and Anita Wah
Gerald Ford and Holly Forbes
Norman Frank
Gordon Frankie
Lisa Therese Frost
Clara Gerdes
Toby Gidal
Paul Grunland
Judith Ann Gurbaxani
Christine Hagelin
Mary Ann and Willard Hannon
Jim Hansen and Nancy Allen
Richard Harland and Marietta Dunaway
Marguerite Harrell
Mary Ellen Harte
Sara Hartwell
Miao He
Ellen and Barry Hecht
John Heckman
Claudia and Scott Hein
June Hight
Peter Hopkinson
Kristen Hopper/Oaktown Native Nursery
Lesley and Bill Hunt
Marian Huntoon
Dwight Johnson
Robert Jolda
Larry Jones
Kristi Jue
Nicole Jurjavcic
Megan Keever
Jane and Tom Kelly
Jerry Kent
Caroline Kim
Bohun Kinloch
Arti Kirch and Cindy Siegel
Gudrun Kleist
Marcia Kolb
Carolyn Kolka
Jill Korte
Kathy Kramer
Christopher Kroll
Watson Laetsch
Barbara and Philip Leitner
David and Evelyne Lennette
Ed Leong
Vera Lis
David Loeb
Lois and Harry Lutz
Matthew Madison
Tamia Marg
David Margolies
William McCoy and Natasha Beery
Dann McCright
Shirley McPheeters
Christina McWhorter
Jamie Menasco
Jon Merkle
William Moseley
Louise Miller
Lech Naumovich
Linda Newton
Richard O’Donnell
Charles and Anne Olsen
Karen Paulsell
Anita Pearson
Donna Preece
Genevieve Prlain
Alma Raymond
Kelly Reuba
JoEllen Rice
John Roberts
Jean Robertson/Earthly Delights
Gene Rochlin
Celia Ronis
Sue Rosenthal
Patricia Mary Ryan
Doris and Richard Ryon
Dick Schneider
William Schramer
Judy Schwartz
Brenda Senturia
Carol Silva and A. Olsen
Karen Smith
Kim and Daniel Smith
Elizabeth Sojourner
Robert Sorenson
Lionel and Ann Sorenson
Nicki Spillane
Donald Stang and Helen Wickes
Amy Stewart
Ruth and Donald Stiver
Michael Strandberg
Emile Strauss
Ann Sullivan
Aaron Sunshine
Ted Tawshunsky
Delia and John Taylor
Liz Varnhagen
Patty and W. Waddington
Phoebe Watts
Cecile Weaver
Roy and Carolyn West
Karen Wetherell

Shirley White
Susan Wickham
Joe and Doris Willingham
Tina Wistrom
Elaine Worthington-Jackson
Roberta Zorzynski
We also thank the following businesses:

Earthly Delights
Oaktown Native Plant Nursery
PG&E Campaign for the Community
Chevron Humankind