Conservation Analyst Appeal for 2017
Please help!

The Conservation Committee and our Conservation Analyst, Karen Whitestone, are very busy reacting to threats to native plant habitats in our two counties. You can read the details in Karen’s monthly articles in the Bay Leaf and on the Conservation Blog. Our chapter is the only chapter in CNPS that supports a professional to assist our hard working Conservation Committee. We do this by asking for donations from our own members and friends, a true grassroots effort.

We are off to a great start in but need to keep up the momentum. We have received almost $20,000 toward our goal of $40,000. Please send a check in care of CNPS to our chapter mailbox (EBCNPS, Box 5597, Elmwood Station, Berkeley CA 94705), or use our website ( to contribute using PayPal.

A heartfelt thanks to the following donors who responded quickly to our appeal:

Stephen Batchelder, Barbara and Robert Brandriff, Loretta Brooks, Carmen Castain, Albert Chung, Patricia Coffey, Carol and Robert Coon, Linda and Tom Dalton, Charli and John Danielsen, Elizabeth Davidson, William Davis, Adrienne Debisschop, Lisa and John Doyen, Leesa Evans, Theo Fitanides, Sara Goolsby, Jim Hanson, Ellen and Barry Hecht, Charles Heimstadt, Claudia and Scott Hein, Ann Holzhueter, Russell Huddleston, Robin Hunter, Ashok Jethanandani, Arti Kirch, Gudrun Kleist, Marcia Kolb, Arvind Kumar, Robert Jolda, Nicole Jurjavcic, John Kenny, Barbara and Phil Leitner, Evelyne and David Lennette, Ed Leong, Vera Lis, David Loeb, Cinda MacKinnon, Matthew Madison, Tamia Marg, Shirley McPheeters, Liza and Nicholas Mealy, Jon Merkle, Louise Miller, Caroline Moyer, Sheldon Nelson, Linda Newton, Elizabeth O’Shea, Hazel Olbrich, Sandia Pearson, Mildred Petersen, Genevieve Prlain, Sue Rosenthal, Judy Schwartz, Mardi Sicular-Mertens, Cindy Siegel, Jake Sigg, Shirleymae and Igor Skaredoff, Karen Smith, Linda Spahr, Alfred Stansbury, John Sutake, Delia and John Taylor, Laurie Umeh, John Underhill, Mardi and Michael Veiluva, Jeanne Walpole, Allison and Dale Webber, Karen Wetherell, Shirley White, Susan Wickham, Doris and Joe Willingham, Elaine Worthington-Jackson, Roberta Zorzynski

The California Wildlife Society

Delia Taylor, Funds Development Chair
East Bay Chapter, CNPS