$10, 165 has been raised so far for the 2016 Conservation Analyst Fund. We are pleased to have a good start to reach our goal of $40,000. It is gratifying to see many familiar names among the donors who have given generously and repeatedly over the last 10 years.

We urge all lovers of our local native plants and their habitats to contribute to the fund which will allow us to hire a professional conservation analyst. Interviews will be conducted soon for the half-time position.

It is easy to donate using Paypal on the Chapter website (www.ebcnps.org) or you may write a check to CNPS, P.O. Box 5597, Elmwood Station, Berkeley CA 94705. All contributions are tax-deductible

Many thanks to the following donors to the 2016 conservation analyst fund.

John Alcorn
Bruce Baldwin
Joy Barnitz and Douglas Stinson
Leslie Bartholic and Jacob Van Akkereno
David Bigham and Howard Arendtson
Chris Boczanowski
Barbara and Robert Brandriff
Carroll Brentano
Margaret Brostrom
Dore Brown
Albert Chung
Patricia Coffey
Carol and Robert Coon
Elizabeth Crews
Margot Cunningham
Mary Frances Dahlquist
Elizabeth Davidson
William Davis
Adrienne Debisschop
John Doyen
Sue Duckles
Andrew Fitanides
Gerald Ford and Holly Forbes
Norman Frank
Gordon and Jutta Frankie
Sara and Jean Gabriel
Toby Gidal
Christie and John Hastings
Russell Huddleston
Jean Jackson
Phil Johnson
Robert Jolda
Glenn Keator
Jane and Tom Kelly
Arti Kirch and Cindy Siegel
Gudrun Kleist
Kathy Kramer
Arvind Kumar
Watson Laetsch
Carol Lane
Eve Lednicky
Barbara and Philip Leitner
David and Evelyne Lennette
Ed Leong
Patricia Litton and Peter Ralston
Cinda MacKinnon
Matthew Madison
Shirley McPheeters
Jamie Menasco
Jon Merkle
Louise Miller
Lynn and Eric Miller
Mary Millman
Caroline Moyer
Sandra Morey aka Farrell
Linda Newton
Roberta O’Grady
Elizabeth O’Shea
Kate Owings
Jean Robertson
Brenda Senturia
Penny Spear
Michael Strandberg
Aaron Sunshine
Delia and John Taylor
Liz Varnhagen
Stephen Walsh and Brenda Buxton
Phoebe Watts
Shirley White
Christina Wistrom
Elaine Worthington-Jackson
Roberta Zorzynski

Delia Taylor
Funds Development Chair