Mack Casterman Photo by Delia Taylor

We urge all lovers of our local native plants and their habitats to keep our Conservation Analyst, Mack Casterman , on our team. (The photo by Delia Taylor shows Mack at Knowland Park.) We need $18,745 more to support his half-time position in 2015. He will be needed to assist in all of our conservation efforts, including evaluating and responding to the Draft Environmental Impact Report which will be released soon for the Tesla area in East Contra Costa County. Tesla is threatened with a massive off-road vehicle park.

$21,255 has been raised so far. Our goal is $40,000.
We depend on our members and friends to donate generously to the fund. It is easy to donate using PayPal on the Chapter website ( or you may write a check to CNPS, P.O. Box 5597, Elmwood Station, Berkeley CA 94705.

All contributions are tax-deductible. Thank you! And many thanks to the donors to the 2015 conservation analyst fund listed below.

John Alcorn
Lisa Anich
Steve Aszatlos
Eleanor Bade
Laura Baker and Lewis Lubin
David Bigham and Howard Arendtson
Terry Blair and David Smith
Martha Booz
Barbara and Robert Brandriff
Martha Breed
Mary Breunig
Shelagh and Bob Brodersen
Margaret Brostrom
Brenda Buxton and Stephen Walsh
Robert Case
Albert Chung
Patricia Coffey
Carol and Robert Coon
Rosemary Corbin
Tom Cramer
Elizabeth Crews
Lynn Crook
Margot Cunningham
John and Charli Danielsen
Sylvia Darr
Elizabeth Davidson
Mary and Jay Davis
William Davis
Sally de Becker
Adrienne Debisschop
Ann DeRosa
Sheila Dickie
Heidi Dobson
Sue Duckles
Melissa Edwards
Chris Erickson
Barbara Ertter
Marsha Feinland
Annmarie Finneral
Gerald Ford and Holly Forbes
Norman Frank
Gordon and Jutta Frankie
Clara Gerdes
Toby Gidal
Kathleen Gilcrest
Marilyn Goldhaber
Nancy Gorrell
Greenberg Family Trust
Sandy Greenwald
Paul Grunland
Judith Ann Gurbaxani
Marguerite Harrell
Bob Hass
Miao He
Barry and Ellen Hecht
John Heckman
Charles Heimstadt and Loretta Brooks
Claudia and Scott Hein
Elizabeth Hogg
Kristin Homme and Mark Elfield
Bill and Lesley Hunt
Peyton Jacob
Ashok Jethanandani +Arvind Kumar
Robert Jolda
Larry Jones
Kristi Jue and Julie Kinder
Tim Kask
Megan Keever
Jane and Tom Kelly
Bohun Kinloch
Arti Kirch and Cindy Siegel
Gudrun Kleist
Marcia Kolb
Kathy Kramer
Christopher Kroll
Watson Laetsch
Eve Lednicky
Barbara and Philip Leitner
David and Evelyne Lennette
Ed Leong
Vera Lis
David Loeb
Cinda Mac Kinnon
Jill Korte
Matthew Madison
Tamia Marg
Paul Matzner
Jean Matzuno
William McCoy and Natasha Berry
Shirley McPheeters
Jon Merkle
Cindi Miller
Louise Miller
William Moseley
Caroline Moyer
Linda Newton
Richard O’Donnell
Roberta O’Grady
Charles and Anne Olsen
Jana Olson
Lisa and Andy Paterson
Anita Pearson
Genevieve Prlain
Tom Reid
Jo Ellen Rice
Krehe and Katherine Ritter
The Margery Roberts Foundation
Jean Robertson, Earthly Delights
Gene Rochlin
Steve Rood
Marjorie Sauer
Judy Schwartz
Pamela Seifert
Brenda Senturia
Carol Silva and A. Olsen
Shirleymae and Igor Skaredoff
Suzanne Skrivanich
John Slama
Doris Sloan
Karen Smith
Elizabeth Sojourner
Robert Sorenson
Nicki Spillane
Donald Stang and Helen Wickes
Martha Staskawicz

Emilie Strauss
Ann and Larry Sullivan
Aaron Sunshine
Sylvia Sykora
Delia and John Taylor
Britt Thorsnes
Wendy Tokuda
Liz Varnhagen
Linda Vida
Stephen Walsh and Brenda Buxton
Joyce Walton
Phoebe Watts
Karen Wetherell
Shirley White
Susan Wickham
Doris and Joe Willingham
Christina Wistrom + Jeremy Thorsnes
Elaine Worthington-Jackson
Roberta Zorzynski